Sacred Heart Church


Sacrament of Reconciliation (Pennance, Confession)
Saturday 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The time of your child's Baptism is a wonderful opportunity to be reminded of the privilege of passing on our Catholic Faith!

It is a Diocesan requirement that parents attend a Pre-Baptismal class prior to the Baptism of their first child. Here at Sacred Heart, our Pre-Baptismal meeting takes place on the first Monday of each month (unless otherwise announced ahead of time) at 7:30 p.m. in the church.

We go through the entire Baptismal rite as it will occur when the child's day of Baptism arrives. This gives an in depth overview of all the grace-filled historic and symbolic background to the Sacrament. It is necessary to register for the class through the parish office (203) 544-8154 by the Friday prior to each month's session.

Preparing for marriage is very different from arranging for a wedding because Matrimony is a Sacrament, a clear vehicle of God's grace to guide and support couples through their new life together.

If you wish to be married at Sacred Heart Church, certain guidelines must be followed. First, the couple needs to call the parish (203) 544-8345 at least six months ahead of time to set a date which will be confirmed after meeting with one of the priests. The initial call must be made before any other arrangements (reception hall, caterers, etc.) are made.

The Diocesan requirement of Marriage Preparation, either Pre-Cana or Engaged Encounter, is to be followed. The Catholic party, or parents, must be registered members of Sacred Heart Parish. People living in towns other than Redding, Georgetown, Wilton, Ridgefield, or Weston are encouraged to register in the parish in which they reside. Exceptions to this will be determined by the pastor. Weddings are usually not scheduled during Lent. Call (203) 544-8345 for further information.

Annointing of the Sick
Please call the rectory (203) 544-8345 when a parishioner is seriously ill, whether homebound or in a hospital or a nursing home. This Sacrament brings the assurance of God's presence when weighed down by the burden of poor health.